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Welcome to Eat Well Live Well.
Why work with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?
  •  The world of nutrition can be confusing to navigate alone. Danielle will help separate the truth from myth and outline a clear path to your success.

  • Have you had trouble sticking to “diets” before? Instead of focusing on restriction, Danielle will work with you to develop a healthy eating pattern that you can realistically maintain. The guidance, support, and accountability provided by follow up visits makes it much easier to stick to your plan, increasing your success rate. 

  • No one person is the same. “Optimal nutrition” looks different for everyone. Danielle evaluates the "whole person." She takes into account lab results, health history and reviews underlying health issues that might impact your specific nutritional needs.

  • Most individuals can identify “good” and “bad” food choices. Consistency is often the missing link. Meeting with Danielle is not just random discussions about food. Instead, she personalize your approach with a series of structured discussions designed to reduce obstacles and instill healthy habits.

  •  The purpose of meeting with Danielle is so that you can grow in knowledge gain the necessary tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will leave your meetings feeling empowered and confident that you can succeed.  

This is great for the individual who already has a healthy routine but has a few nutrition questions/concerns that you’d like to have answered. Maybe you want your food l...
Initial Nutrition Assessment
1 hr
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