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Healthy School Lunches that Your Kids Won't Want to Trade

Growing up, my school lunches definitely left something to be desired. I dreaded opening up my lunchbox only to find two sorry pieces of bread that had become soggy and limp with the weight of grape jelly and the oil from all natural peanut butter that had hardened since it’s assembly the night before. In an effort to create healthy school lunches, my mom would send me along with a plain bag of baby carrots. Oh how I longed for the “cup o noodles” and pizza lunchables that my friends brought. While they weren’t very nutrient dense, they were way more interesting than my lame PB & J.

As a Dietitian, I’m frequently asked for ideas for healthy school lunches that kids will actually eat. To come up with my answers for those healthy school lunches, I thought about what I would have wanted as a kid. Then, I did some tweaks to ensure that they packed brain-powering nutrients and would keep kids energized for the day. Click the picture below for ideas your kids will love!

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